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>>> f = 1 / ( s ** 2 - 1 )
>>> inverse_mellin_transform ( f , s , x , ( - oo , - 1 ))
(x/2 - 1/(2*x))*Heaviside(x - 1)
>>> inverse_mellin_transform ( f , s , x , ( - 1 , 1 ))
-x*Heaviside(-x + 1)/2 - Heaviside(x - 1)/(2*x)
>>> inverse_mellin_transform ( f , s , x , ( 1 , oo ))
(-x/2 + 1/(2*x))*Heaviside(-x + 1)

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Compute the Laplace Transform F ( s ) of f ( t ) ,

Adam Crowl, an engineer with Icarus Interstellar Inc., a nonprofit foundation dedicated to Love Moschino Woman Embroidered Stretch Cottonjersey Mini Dress White Size 44 Love Moschino FXEjM
, pointed out that a spaceship built with a sufficiently powerful nuclear reactor would need large thermal radiators, ruining the classic Enterprise look.

“Engineering physics doesn’t respect our aesthetics,” he told by email.

BTE-Dan’s ship is essentially an iconic replica of the famous starship, and may not be practical.

“I would love to see 1,000 people go to Mars, but I need convincing that they need to be on the Enterprise to do so,” said Crowl.

Other engineers said the similarities between BTE-Dan’s ship and the Enterprise are only skin-deep.

“He wants to build something using foreseeable technology that just looks like the Enterprise,” said Marc Millis, an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. “It’s nowhere close to being what the Enterprise is.”

Still, the site received so many visits soon after its launch that it crashed, revealing how appealing the idea is to many people.

Today’s technology Though some aspects of the Enterprise are far out of reach today, many are within our grasp, and some are part of our daily lives. Sliding doors, futuristic in the 1960s, now welcome almost every grocery store visitor, and today’s flip-open cellphones resemble Star Trek’s tricorders. The touch-screen devices ubiquitous today even look like those used in the 1990s episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Today’s technology

“If you had shown someone an iPad in the 1990s and told them it was 23rd century technology, they would have believed you,” Richard Obousy, co-founder and president of Icarus Interstellar Inc., told

Advances with 3D printers also provide opportunities for voyages through space, allowing the replication of parts while using materials found at the destination. Andreas Hein, an aerospace engineer also with Icarus Interstellar, suggested that it might not be long before such printers make food similar to the way meals were synthesized by replicators on the Enterprise.

Additionally, engineers working at NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory, informally known as Eagleworks, are working on a Q-thruster that bears a striking resemblance to the impulse engines on the Enterprise.

Nuclear woes Millis suggested the next step in rocket propulsion will likely include utilizing a nuclear power source, an option that is stymied by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. He acknowledged that the barriers aren’t just political ones, as people are nervous about the idea of launching nuclear rockets from Earth’s surface, despite the fact that it could be done safely.

Nuclear woes

Obousy agreed that nuclear rockets could provide the necessary thrust, pointing to the large, multi billion-dollar projects around the world seeking ways to unlock fusion as an energy source. Of course, such projects primarily focus on powering homes and cities on Earth, but once unlocked, fusion could be used to travel through the stars.

Word games can be powerful ways to help remove you from the traditional mindset that tends to produce generic, unoriginal ideas. If you're trying to get out of an idea rut, try adding a few games to your meeting to drum up some out-of-the-box thinking.

One great word exercise is creating a "word storm." To create a word storm, write down one word, and then brainstorm a whole slew of words that come to mind from that first word. Try thinking about the function of that word, its aesthetics, how it's used, metaphors that can be associated with it, and so on. Let the ideas flow naturally, and don't over think it -- this is meant to be a creative exercise.

Once you've listed out a bunch of words, group them together according to how they're related to one another. The goal? To come up with those less obvious words or phrases your audience might associate with whatever project you're working on.

Source: CoSchedule

You can record the word storm on a piece of paper or a whiteboard or by using this online word storm tool to create a visual map -- which you can save, export, and send to the team after the meeting.

Mind mapping is another powerful brainstorming tool to visualize related terms and ideas. Create a diagram starting with a central idea, and then branch out into major sub-topics, then sub-sub-topics. You can create mind maps either on paper or a whiteboard, or by using something like MindNode app .

Finally, another word game you could try is coming up with what Creative Bloq calls "essence words": Words that capture the spirit, personality, and message you're trying to put across -- even if they seem crazy. You might find that it helps spark other ideas down the line.

Combining imagery, color, and visual-spatial arrangements can help surface emotions and feelings that will spark fresh, new ideas. Mens Suede Classic Weatherproof Sneaker Puma CMzLOwU
to significantly improve information recall in comparison to more conventional methods of learning.

While there are many ways to use visual prompts in brainstorming, creating a mood board is one of the most common -- especially in coming up with new branding and design concepts.

A mood board is simply a random collection of images, words, and textures focused on one topic, theme, or idea. Like with mind mapping, the visual components of the mood board can be anything branching off that central topic.

Source: Gazelle Trainers In Blue S76227 Blue adidas Originals SIcpgRlVmR

Mood boards can either be physical boards (e.g., a poster or cork board) or virtual (e.g., a Pinterest board). You can also use a tool such as the Metallic Stripe Midi Dress Silver Sister Jane Petite Oqr4tVgwi
to help you collect, organize, and share all the visual components needed for your board.

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a little improvisation. This may sound silly, but hear me out: The more relaxed and playful the environment is (without being distracting), the more your team will feel comfortable thinking and sharing freely with one another.

Our initial application focuses on the set-up and deployment of self-experiments (Step 2 in Figure 1 a). In our process, individuals generate a list of hypotheses that narrow which trigger foods to test (i.e., independent variables). The application will use relevant medical knowledge, the individual’s personal experience, and/or the expertise of a medical provider to help generate testable hypotheses (storyboard in appendix). The individual then configures a self-experiment by setting their personalized symptoms (i.e., dependent variables). They also choose a start date, a study duration, and a time for daily reminders to enter symptoms.

When self-experimentation begins, the application shows the individual a schedule of which days to avoid and which days to consume the experimental trigger food, following a completely randomized SCD as previously described. The application shows sample meals for trigger and non-trigger food days (i.e., experimental and control). The individual is instructed to eat an otherwise consistent meal during each day, varying only the food component being tested. During each day of the experiment, the individual is also instructed to log peak symptom severity using a subjective scale at a defined time after eating the test meal (e.g., 4 hours). At the end of the experiment, findings are summarized and interpreted ( Figure 4 ). The results include a P value on the likelihood the trigger food is causing IBS symptoms by chance. The individual may choose to re-run the experiment with a different possible trigger, or share the results with their medical provider for recommendations on how to avoid this trigger.

Figure 4:
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Womens Marina Open Toe Sandals Mtng 6q19HiWAw

Screenshots of pages from our mobile app prototype. From left to right: study schedule, result summary of past studies, and results of a study.

Figure 4:
Alexandre Birman Woman Cutout Bowdetailed Suede Sandals Black Size 365 Alexandre Birman D1TlN5x
Download slide

Screenshots of pages from our mobile app prototype. From left to right: study schedule, result summary of past studies, and results of a study.

To learn about past experiences of identifying potential gastrointestinal food triggers and assess the feasibility of implementing our self-experimentation framework, we conducted focus groups and an online survey. We recruited participants from primary care and gastroenterology clinics associated with an academic center (University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA, United States). Survey respondents were also recruited through social networks.

We conducted three focus groups with people with IBS, totaling 6 participants (5 female, 1 male). To gather reactions to the self-experimentation process and how self-experimentation fits with participant priorities, focus groups included walkthroughs of the overall process using our flowchart ( Figure 1 b) and storyboard (see Womens Soft 4 LowTop Sneakers Ecco wQJB2adfu
). 44–46 To elect reactions to our interface designs, focus groups included a click-through of a prototype of our mobile application ( Figure 5 ). 47 , 48 Questions focused on feasibility of the framework, understandability of the process, interface, and visualizations, and overall usability and usefulness of the application.

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